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latest press coverage

Nina’s kitchen has been on NOTCOT and dezeen, whilst Chris’s piece from last year TEN XYZ has an entry on NOTCOT!

If you want to make any of our items from TEN-Plan, you can visit our official website and download plans.


Thank you for visiting us!

We, TEN, had really good show again at 100% Design and took our stand down this evening.  Thank you for all who visited us.  Ones could not make to entre 100% Design London – don’t worry! we still run our TEN-Plan website and you can download instructions of each design for this show.

preview of Chris’s work on designboom

designboom has featured Chris Jackson’s piece for TEN-PLANS.

The article shows final products, as well as making processes.  Chris’s DIY instruction is one of the most challenging ones within the exhibition!