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2008 ‘WOOD by TEN’

In 2008 TEN wanted to produce something real, affordable and accessible in order to move their vision from a conceptual framework, as shown in 10 TEN X in 2006 and TEN AGAIN in 2007, to reality. The result is WOOD.


Carl Clarkin: ‘The Animals of Whittling Wood’


Chris Jackson: ‘Writers Block’


Gitta Gschwendtner: ‘Wedge Racer’

More photos are shown at Gitta’s site.
Click OBJECT/Wedge Racer


Héctor Serrano: ‘Do Not Lose Me’

Detail of the project is at Hector’s site.
Click Products/Do Not Lose Me


Michael Marriott: ‘Donut Coat Hook’

Text and more photos are shown at Michael’s site.


Nina Tolstrup: ‘Frame Bird Feeder’


Sam Johnson: ‘Dumper Truck’


Stephen Bretland: ‘Candleholder’


Tomoko Azumi ‘Transport Lamp’

More photos and text are at Tomoko’s site.



  shootdesign.com/blog » Blog Archive » wood by ten wrote @

[…] link to ten blog/site […]

  Chuck Palmer wrote @

Hello! I’ve just seen your products in the recent issue of Dwell Magazine and wonder if the items are in production and available for wholesale purchase.

We would be interested in featuring them on our retail site http://www.amadonWeb.com.

  demetri wrote @

so how do you purchase one of the items designed (i.e. hector serrano’s do not lose me)?

  Christine Hammond wrote @

These items are wonderful. I’m looking for a retailer in the US for Do Not Lose Me. Thank you.

  Ten project | Modest wrote @

[…] Nice wooden key hanger by Ten Project. […]

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