We talk about design and sustainability.

issue 01: material

We, designers, handle materials with love. Let’s talk about it, in order to process them better, fabricate better and make them last longer.


Is leather a sustainable material?

Have a look at this article – the issue is tons of food, water and chemical to raise a cow, also toxic process of tanning.
Can Leather Be a TreeHugger-Friendly Material?

But leather is a by product of beef and you would not waste it only because it involves harmful processes. There ia some research and trials on making them better;
Practical solution to environmental problems by Leather Technology Centre

We may be able to look at;
– any second hand leather materials available to use
– get advice from institution like above link, as substitutes are also not environmentally friendly so far, why not use something that lasts longer than others, if you maintain it well?

They last long!
The top one is from 1891!


Wood, as a material, is directly connected to the forest protection and it has been discussed a lot.

Some resources:

Rainforest Alliance
list of Wood Certification: from Rainforest Alliance above

>>Recycled Metal

Some like Emeco, are working on it and try to be certified.
Emeco (US): Environmental Issues


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  mmmtenblog wrote @

Oooh, I want one of those saddles. Beautiful, eh.
Re. Trees; I always argue that in theory they provide the best material, as its the only one, which has any kind of positive benefit through making it, as in it provides us with oxygen etc. Having said that, it’s not the best thing for all uses, so the argument gets murky quickly.

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