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We received very positive comments on our TEN exhibition!

” Creative concepts, responsible perspectives and a tremendous dose of humanity – Ten was a breath of fresh air.”

Simon Aldersontwentytwentyone

” I think it’s quite important not to miss the Ten stand, where 10 designers have tried to see how far 10 pounds can go in London now, which is not very far, but they do show how brilliant life can be when you’ve learnt how to look”

Peter Saville

” In amongst the clamour of the London Design Festival, Ten stood out as an example of what design should be about. It was audacious and intelligent and reminded me just how beautiful bread is.”

Leonie Bell – Programme Director – The Lighthouse

” Ten was the highlight of this year’s 100% Design for me. The show had a lovely simple premise, was beautifully put together, and the designers came up with responses and products that were full of warmth, humour and invention and which – from Michael Marriott’s homage to Duchamp to Onkar Singh Kular’s witty loaves of bread – managed to avoid the usual pitfalls attached to the challenge of sustainability by being highly desirable.”

Fiona Rattray – Design Writer

” It was particularly gratifying to see the project at 100% Design, as it contrasted so greatly and tellingly with the rest of the exhibitors. Many people I spoke to before making it over to the stand myself had described it as the best thing they had seen at the show.

The problem with so much so-called sustainable design – or certainly exhibitions about sustainable design – is that the focus is on products or recycled materials. I appreciated the fact that the projects in Ten had involved the designers in sublimating their usual role as producers of more things to buy in favour of suggesting individual actions or small changes in habit that, if taken up by lots of people had the potential to have a far greater impact.”

Sorrel Hershberg – Senior Curator & Project Manager – British Council


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