We talk about design and sustainability.

reference books

For TEN project, we refered these books:

— Charles Jenks and Nathan Silver

The Green Imperative: Ecology and Ethics in Design & Architecture
— Victor Papanek, Thames & Hudson, 1995

Home made ‘Contemporary Russian Folk artefacts’
— Vladimir Arkhipov, Published by Fuel

How to construct Rietveld furniture
— Peter Drijver and Johannes Niemeijer

In the Bubble: Designing in a Complex World
— John Thackara, MIT Press, 2005

Massive change
— Bruce Mau

Nomadic furniture 1
— James Hennessey and Victor Papanek

Nomadic furniture 2
— James Hennessey and Victor Papanek

Ready-Made How to make (almost) everything
— Berger and Hawthorne

Richard’s Bicycle Book
— Richard Ballantine, Ballantine Books, 1972

Small is still beautiful
— Joseph Pearce

The Woodworkers Bible
— Alf Martenson, MacMillan Publishing Company, 1982

The wombles at work
— Elizabeth Beresford


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